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Take Refuge at Hacienda Pinilla on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast

Hacienda Pinilla is the best planned development on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast. It is the brainchild of Hooper Gordon Pattillo who had the foresight, over thirty years ago, to purchase this beautiful 4500 acre cattle ranch. It is located just south of Tamarindo and Langosta and just north of Playa Avellanas and Playa Negra. In fact, the southern portion of the project is located on the north end of Playa Avellanas.

Hacienda Pinilla Beachfront Real Estate Costa Rica
Hacienda Pinilla, a 4,500 acre planned community on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast, encompasses a working cattle ranch and one of the ten best beaches in all of Central America

Hacienda Pinilla has achieved so much in the last thirty years. They have planted roughly 60,000 indigenous trees within the project each year since their inception. This has granted them the prestigious Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary certificate. They also protect their beaches and have earned Costa Rica’s Ecological Blue Flag.


Myriad species are present in Hacienda Pinilla. We have seen many tropical white-tailed deer there. There are nearly 300 bird species that can be found throughout the year. The list of mammal species found in Hacienda Pinilla include the White-faced Coati, Raccoon, Mantled Howler Monkey, armadillos, bats, squirrels, anteaters, jaguarundi and even Humpback whales. There are also innumerable insect species. Some of them aren’t reveled but the most coveted of them all, the Blue Morpho Butterfly, can be seen here as well.

Hacienda Pinilla is still used as a cattle ranch. The horseman can be found within the project and can always be found rounding up cattle. However, the main attraction here is Hacienda Pinilla’s beaches. There are nearly four miles of them.  One of the most important beaches here is Playa Avellanas which Trip Advisor calls one of the ten best beaches in all of Central America. The center of the project was where the main focus for cattle was and that is where the center of focus for development is now. There is a large ring of forest around the rest of the project where the majority of trees were planted ensuring that wildlife would have a place here for future generations.

Hacienda Pinilla Guanacaste Gold Coast Costa Rica


There are four distinct world-class surfing waves located right in front of Hacienda Pinilla. The most famous of them is called Little Hawaii. Little Hawaii can be found directly in front of the brand new beach club. Little Hawaii is a right breaking wave over a reef. However, it acts like a right point break. It has direct exposure to the southwest and can handle any size swell the south Pacific throws at it.

There are so many activities that can be found in Hacienda Pinilla. Some of the most popular include street and mountain biking, horseback, hiking and walking through the dry tropical forest, surfing, boogie boarding, skim boarding, snorkeling, fishing, nature viewing, golf, tennis, eating at one of the five restaurants, swimming, and much more.

What Hacienda Pinilla has to offer.

Hacienda_Pinilla_eve_seascaThe real estate potential within Hacienda Pinilla offers a complete lifestyle for nearly every budget. There are lots within one of the smaller residential communities in the project that start at just $100,000. If  you prefer beachfront, there are plenty of offerings for you from $550,000 and up. Home prices start at $750,000. Since we live here we can help you find the best property for your needs. Let Playa Negra Realty be your steward in finding your dream home or property in Hacienda Pinilla. You can write us to

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