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Education in Costa Rica: A List of International Schools Available in Tamarindo

If you’re considering picking up and moving your family to Costa Rica, you’ve likely heard about the many benefits that come from carving out a life here—the access to incredible natural beauty and that mercurial pura vida lifestyle.

But, if you’re wondering whether the education system of the country will meet the needs of your family, we have good news! Not only does the country boast a nearly 98% literacy rate among teens and young adults, but the education system in Costa Rica is one of the best in all Latin American countries.

For those looking to call the Tamarindo area home, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best international schools in the area. We think you’ll be amazed at just how much these institutions have to offer!

TIDE Academy

The TIDE (Total Immersion through a Dynamic Education) Academy is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Tamarindo and offers individualized education for every student from pre-school through 12th grade.

If you’re looking for a school with a bit more flexibility in its schedule, you’re going to love TIDE as students have the option of working remotely and attending some classes on Skype. Older students have the added benefit of interning with local businesses to earn academic credit. We love the fact that TIDE takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom!

La Paz Community School

We admit, La Paz is a bit of a drive (it will take about 40 minutes to get there from Tamarindo)…but the education your child will receive is second to none. La Paz currently serves children from pre-school through high school.

La Paz is known for offering students a rigorous educational experience, and the institution is recognized as an IB world school since they offer International Baccalaureate courses.

In addition to educational rigor, La Paz also frames the educational experience around something they call the “peace practice”, encouraging students to strive for peace within themselves, their families, the community, and the world.


Located just 20 minutes from Tamarindo, Educarte offers educational services from pre-school to high school. Students are offered a well-rounded education, with studies grounded in values, diversity, respect, citizenship, and art.

Parent involvement is not just welcomed at Educarte but wholeheartedly encouraged by both teachers and staff, and there are plenty of extracurricular activities that allow students to compete and socialize. Football, swimming, and gymnastics are offered in addition to other disciplines.

Educarte also boasts an impressive campus with a sports complex that includes a standard football field and an aquatic complex complete with a 25-meter, semi-Olympic pool.

Moving your family to new a place can be both exciting and scary, but you can rest easy knowing your child will receive a stellar education in Costa Rica. Not only will they have the opportunity to pick up a second language, but they will also find a supportive educational community that values a holistic education, emphasizing academic study, creativity, environmental responsibility, and personal growth.

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