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Playa Negra – Reason’s to Come, Reason’s to Stay

Here are ten reason’s to come to Playa Negra. They are also ten reason’s to stay here in Playa Negra!

1. Beaches: Playa Negra is the standout here. However, the nook beaches north and south are places where one can still walk hand in hand for some isolated romance.

2. Wildlife: Most people don’t think of the tropical dry forest rivalling the tropical rain forests but we study the biodiversity here and in 2012 we encountered over 800 species in Playa Negra on a 3/4 acre property.

3. Sun, Sun, Sun: Playa Negra has six straight months of cloudless and rainless sunny days to make your vacation or retirement perfect. It isn’t coincidence that these perfect days begin exactly when the northern hemisphere begins its’ long, gloomy, and cold winter.

4. Amazing Cuisine: There are many wonderful restaurants in the area. They range from the best Peruvian food you have ever had to a French restaurant where the chef/owner has cooked for every U.S. President since Carter. We also have some great typical soda’s in the area among other delicious restaurants.

5. Plenty Activities: You just won’t have enough time in your two week vacation to take a mountain bike tour, paddle board, fish onshore and offshore, surf, boogie board, hike, bird watch, canopy tour, organic farmers market, hora, and well, I think you get the idea.

6. People: We have traveled the country extensively and we still think that you won’t find a better, eclectic mix of locals and foreigners than here in Playa Negra. This is a town full of smiling people. We actually make eye contact and say hello to strangers!

7. Ease of Access: fly into Liberia airport and boom, you are here in an hour. Driving time from San Jose has been reduced to just about 3 1/2 hours.

8. Infrastructure: We have it all! There is Fiber-optic internet, reliable electricity, delicious blue-zone water, 3G cel reception (4G coming soon), and telephone.

9. Close to Everything: Whether you want a night out on the town in Tamarindo or you need something specific in Santa Cruz, our town is perfectly situated only thirty minutes away from each of them. Both of the previous destinations can be accessed by paved roads!

10. Happiness: You will be genuinely happy here. Heck, it is so wonderful here that we gets a little forlorn when we leave the area to go somewhere else on vacation.

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