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Introducing: Salvemonos Project

While we are making a life and taking care of our duties —in our case trying to find homes for people that wish to live in awesome locations— we are also dedicated to giving back. It is for this reason we have partnered up with the howler monkey project Salvemonos. This is quite a worthwhile project.

Patricia and Simona have been working very hard for several years to help save the Howler monkeys from being electrocuted while they find their way home, passing through dangerous electric cables that we humans need as well to live.

Through the sales of t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and generous local donations they have generated enough money to hang more than 100 special bridges over the streets and electrical wires in the area. Each bridge can possibly save a monkey a week from being electrocuted on the power lines.

Playa Negra Realty is highly committed with this project, and is donating 7% of all net revenue to the project. This means when you are purchasing a home, lot, or a development opportunity through PNR, you are automatically contributing to the cause, and saving more monkeys to keep our habitat as good as we received it. SalveMonos

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