The best Beach Properties in Costa Rica

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Costa Rican World Heritage Sites

Among the amazing things our world has to offer, the World Heritage Sites are the most important and unique masterpieces our cultures and nature give us. I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about, but just to be clear, all these sites have been selected by the UNESCO on the basis of having cultural, historical, scientific or some other form of significance, and they are legally protected by...

Driving in Costa Rica

This blog is for entertainment and your information! No matter what country you come from in the "first world' you haven't experienced the type of driving they do in Costa Rica. Let's start with the 'normal' rules. If you are driving in the city here there are stop lights. They are more or less used during the day unless they are accompanied by an additional stop sign, written 'ALTO'. However, a couple...

The Happiest People

Hmmm. You think it’s a coincidence? Costa Rica is one of the very few countries to have abolished its army, and it’s also arguably the happiest nation on earth. There are several ways of measuring happiness in countries, all inexact, but this pearl of Central America does stunningly well by whatever system is used. For example, the World Database of Happiness, compiled by a Dutch sociologist on the...

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