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Everything you should know about the Luxury Tax in Costa Rica

The purpose of this blog is to provide you, our clients, with detailed information regarding the Luxury Home Tax, formally identified as the "Solidarity Tax to Strengthen Housing Programs" 1. What is the Luxury Home Tax? The luxury home tax is levied on residential properties with a construction value exceeding $ 216,500.00 (fixed or permanent installations), regardless of its regular, occasional or...

2018 Costa Rican Tax Update

The 2018 Elections As you may or may not have known this past April the Costa Rican legislature had to take an important decision at their government elections; whether they took the right or wrong decision is up to them and it won’t be the topic of this blog. On the contrary, what will be talking about is something that relates to us and our money: taxes, taxes and more taxes. As we all know Costa Rica...

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