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Costarican Words You Need to Know

Whether you are coming for vacation or you are considering living here part or full time, knowing some Costarican Words, especially the ones that are used often, will help make your trip easier, and funnier! Even though the official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, Costa Rican folks have been known to have a flourish slang. The following are the most frequent words you'll hear during your stay. Tico/a...

The Happiest People

Hmmm. You think it’s a coincidence? Costa Rica is one of the very few countries to have abolished its army, and it’s also arguably the happiest nation on earth. There are several ways of measuring happiness in countries, all inexact, but this pearl of Central America does stunningly well by whatever system is used. For example, the World Database of Happiness, compiled by a Dutch sociologist on the...

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