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Costa Rica Mandatory Shareholders Registry and What Owners Need to Know

As you know, with the approval of law #9416 and its regulations, you must proceed with the mandatory disclosure for corporations and legal entities, submitting the requested records to the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR). Scheduled of submission deadlines for the corporations for this first submission: To obtain a digital signature card, “firma digital”, interested parties must make an...

The Capital Gains Tax and How It Will Affect Real Estate Transactions

For many years property owners in Costa Rica never had to worry about Capital Gains Tax when selling their Costa Rican real estate. The existing law only applied capital gains tax to real estate developers that were in the business of developing and selling real estate. Everybody else was exempt. Recent changes to the Costa Rican tax laws implemented an across the board Capital Gains Tax (Ganancias de...

2018 Costa Rican Tax Update

The 2018 Elections As you may or may not have known this past April the Costa Rican legislature had to take an important decision at their government elections; whether they took the right or wrong decision is up to them and it won’t be the topic of this blog. On the contrary, what will be talking about is something that relates to us and our money: taxes, taxes and more taxes. As we all know Costa Rica...

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