The best Beach Properties in Costa Rica


Top 4 Reasons to Buy Property in Costa Rica

Some of us dream of moving to a tropical country and, with so many of us working remotely, this dream has the potential to become reality. Others imagine retiring to a sunny locale and spending lazy days strolling along beaches and warm nights dining in quaint local eateries. But it’s hard to imagine a place that could realize our dream without wiping out our bank account…until you consider Costa...

Buying Property in Costa Rica

It’s about that time. You’re ready for a change, an adventure, or to make a financial investment for your future. You’ve gone over all the possible locations and your heart has led you to tropical Costa Rica (we don’t blame you). Whether it be the lush jungles or the gorgeous coastlines, the abundant wildlife or endless adventures, the affordable health care or you just want to be a part of the...

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