The best Beach Properties in Costa Rica

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Public vs Private Healthcare in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

The list of things to love about Costa Rica is endless—the breathtaking beaches, stunning...
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Out 7 Favorite Festivals in Costa Rica

There are so many reasons why people fall in love with Costa Rica—the stunning beaches, the...
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Our Top 4 Best Kept Secrets in Costa Rica: The Lesser-Known Sites You Need to See

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, you likely already have a list of must-see...
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5 Must Try Dishes Found in Costa Rica

So much of the culture found in Costa Rica is unique to the country, including the language and the...
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Education in Costa Rica: A List of International Schools Available in Tamarindo

If you’re considering picking up and moving your family to Costa Rica, you’ve likely heard...
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Top 3 National Parks to Visit in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, getting out and enjoying the beauty of the country is...
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Green Season vs Dry Season in Costa Rica: What’s Best for You?

Any time you’re planning a getaway to a new locale, it is important to consider the weather...
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Moving to Costa Rica: Should You Build or Buy Your Home?

If you’re planning a move to Costa Rica…congratulations! You’re about to embark on—to...
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4 Reason Costa Rica is a Digital Nomad’s Dream Come True

The world has seen a dramatic rise in the number of digital nomads travelling the world to work...
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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Property in Costa Rica

Some of us dream of moving to a tropical country and, with so many of us working remotely, this...
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Buying Property in Costa Rica

It’s about that time. You’re ready for a change, an adventure, or to make a financial...
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Fantastic Animal Excursions And Where to Find Them

Costa Rica is known for being an eco-friendly and sustainable destination. The things you can...
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