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Camille Bourlette

Camille Bourlette
Camille Bourlette - Broker
Camille Bourlette is originally from France but has been living abroad in multiple countries for 2 decades which allows her to be fluent in French, English, and Spanish. She worked in many luxury hotels and villa rental agencies worldwide including St Barts, the USA, and Africa. She settled in Costa Rica with her family in 2010 after falling in love with the people and the natural beauty and has been living the “Pura Vida” ever since. Before working in real estate, Camille completed her Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management and has owned and operated hospitality focused businesses in Guanacaste, including a catering company and holiday rentals. She is well versed in the housing market in Costa Rica as she has built 5 houses as well as managed numerous renovation projects.

Camille is passionate about helping the community. She has been treasurer of the local Chamber of Commerce, founded a food bank to feed hundreds of families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and spearheaded a community garden to teach people how to grow and cultivate their own food. Camille is very down to earth and loves helping people – especially helping them fulfill their dreams of home in Costa Rica. She will be with you through every step of the process of creating your new life in the Tropics.

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