Investissement dans Junquillal Real Estate signifie une maison de vos rêves

There are many reasons why investors are getting an early jump on Junquillal real estate over other beachfront Costa Rica real estate on Guanacaste’s Gold Coast.

Private, tranquil beaches bursting with sea life and enlivened by world class waves, make Junquillal Real Estate perfect for a secluded getaway home or cottage.

Junquillal’s real estate is so popular because of its range of varied beaches. They stretch for almost three miles. One can find stretches to take romantic walks where no one will be encountered. There are great surf breaks that encompass the needs of the beginner to the adventurous expert, longboard or shortboard, paddle board or kayak. There are sections of white sand and stretches of palm tree lined gray hues. There are rocky out croppings that enable the breaking waves to launch spectacular sprays into the air. The ocean water quality in Junquillal is excellent. It is so good, in fact, that year after year, the area wins the coveted « Blue Flag » award. The beaches in Junquillal offer some of the best surf casting fishing experiences that can be had anywhere in the world. The area also boasts some of the finest beach real estate in Costa Rica. This is one of the few places that offers completely titled beachfront land in combination with public road frontage, giving buyers the opportunity to develop their dream home or development project.

Junquillal’s geographic diversity in their real estate is quite impressive as well. In the entire 2.5 mile stretch the land slopes upward giving each property, one behind the other, the possibility of blue and white water ocean views and unparalleled sunsets. The public road ends in Junquillal at one of the area’s largest and most beautiful estuary systems. Junquillal’s estuary is enormous, totaling more than 400 acres. Estuaries here in Costa Rica are protected by law and must remain completely untouched in perpetuity. It stretches a few miles back in each of the two rivers that lead into the ocean here. Many residents and tourists use the estuary for a myriad of activities. There is world-class fishing, small boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or just lazing in the sun.

guancaste wind power

With its 55 installations, Costa Rica’s onshore project currently qualifies as Central America`s largest wind farm. (Guancaste Wind Plant)

The most valuable attribute offered by Junquillal real estate is the fact that an expansive infrastructure of utility service is completely in place in this area of Costa Rica. Internet and telephone service is based on a fiber-optic network. These innovations reflect unprecedented progress compared to that of most of the available beach real estate in Costa Rica. There are a plethora of communication lines and service speeds for everyone to choose from. In fact, one can sign up for T1 service in Junquillal. This might not sound too exciting if you are coming from Manhattan, but this is an amazing accomplishment for a second world nation like Costa Rica. Electrical service has been upgraded in the area, now, up to 17 megawatts, offering today’s buyer the electrical option of installing elevators in their home should they so desire. Finally, the whole area is serviced by a public water system based on the largest aquifer that can be found anywhere. Building permits are easily issued based on this reliable source of water.