TreeHouse in Paradise

  • $ 364,000.00
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  • Area : 232,26 /m2
  • Beds : 2
  • Baths : 2
  • Garage : 7

Property Details

  • Property ID: 13465
  • Year Built : 200
  • Lot size : 8,304 m2


Let’s face it, research shows that we, humans, are more at home amongst the forest and trees. When you live amongst them you have better physical and mental health. When you add into the mix that you are living in one of the five ‘Blue Zones‘ on the planet, living in this home will greatly impact and extend your quality of life and longevity.

TreeHouse in Paradise

This one of a kind home was built almost 20 years ago. It was designed to integrate itself directly into nature amongst the trees. The kitchen and living room are 100% open and only the bedrooms and bathrooms are fully enclosed. Nature fully integrates into the home with birds perching in the trees just feet from view. Howler monkey’s come within the same distance to feed on leaves and occasionally sleep right outside of the living room.

The home isn’t specifically dependent on the trees as a form maintaining it in the air. It is built to last the test of time and supported by four individual concrete pillars that sustain the weight of the architectural wonder.

One walks under the home to reach the stairs that bring you to the floor where all the living area is. Upon arrival, you have a large dining area in front of you and the kitchen to the left. Once you continue forward you have a living room that spans the entire length of the home with a beautiful ocean view across the Nandamojo Valley to the beaches of Junquillal (Hoon-key-yal), Blanca, Callejones (Kai-yeah-hone-ace), and Negra. Sunsets from this space will fill your afternoons with joy. Behind the living and the dining areas is the master bedroom with an ensuite bath and a guest bath and bedroom. The master also enjoys wonderful ocean views, mountain views, and valley views. The guest bedroom has the caveat of lovely trees and mountain views. Finally, the top floor of this home is comprised of an open roof plan with 360º views. The entire floor is teak floor decking. This is the perfect place to invite ten friends over for morning yoga!

The area

The Treehouse in Paradise is conveniently located approximately one hour to the Liberia international airport, thirty minutes to both Tamarindo and Santa Cruz, and from five minutes to ten minutes to ten specific beaches. It is nestled amongst the forest in a gated community.

Playa Negra isn’t off the beaten path anymore. There are great restaurants, new infrastructure, and a paved road that is five minutes away. There is fibre-optic internet, telephone, satellite t.v., and 3G cel service. You’ll find that Playa Negra is the Costa Rica you fell in love with and you will be glad that it is close enough to Tamarindo and Santa Cruz but just far enough as well.

Playa Negra has long been known for it’s incredible waves. However, in recent years the type of tourist has changed from the surfer who came to get some barrels to the upper middle class and they are building million dollar beachfront homes for the myriad that want to come and be in a truly authentic section of Costa Rica.

This home is a dream come true…it only takes a moment to click for more details.

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