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Avellanas real estate is some of the most magical property in the world. Let’s face it, you have probably been to many truly wonderful locales. However, Avellanas is the kind of place that captivates the heart and mind. It is a mile long white sandy beach with lovely trees and shimmering blue, warm water waves. Once you have been here it is hard to imagine needing anything more.
Avellanas River mouth

I lived in Avellanas for over a year while I was building my house in Playa Negra in the late nineties. My wife and I were one of only four couples who lived here. We were delighted to have the opportunity to enjoy such a serene beach for so long. We had the place to ourselves and marveled that this untouched jewel was part of the road less traveled.

One of my passionate hobbies is learning about new markets. I checked out all the available Avellanas real estate that was on offer. It was a wonderful learning experience that has given me and my company an upper hand in the market for various reasons. For example, it turns out that there are properties in Avellanas that don’t have a quality source of water.

That doesn’t mean that they all don’t, or many don’t. It only means there are some which come up short. The reason is there is thick, and infinitely hard blue bedrock below the surface in some places around Avellanas. This bedrock is almost impossible to penetrate in search of water when digging a traditional well. There are various homes that were built with wells that reach this bedrock and when the rains stop so does the flow of their water. This is a terrible predicament. I can steer you clear of such properties because I know where they are.

We often travel around with blinders on. We reach a destination. We love it. We come over and over again because of the sheer joy we have found. We come again because we have a place that has resonated happiness in our hearts. We decide, “This is it,” and the search for a piece to call our own is on. What we really need is the inside scoop from someone who knows.

Let us have the privilege of showing you the real Avellanas real estate. We’ll help you become a part of our community.

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