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Tamarindo is located in the center of the famous North Pacific – or Gold Coast – of Guanacaste Province and is readily accessible from around the world due to the recently expanded Liberia International Airport only 45 minutes away. This is a surf town that went a long way from being a little fishermen’s village to become the main tourist hub of the region, where you can find almost any service or amenity that you need. There are plenty of activities to do! Boredom will be a word to forget.
Tamarindo bay is split by an estuary. The south half of the bay is home to the vibrant town center with charming shops, excellent restaurants, and exciting nightlife. It’s a great town for walking – most destinations are under 10 minutes stroll through the town or along the beach. The north half of Tamarindo bay houses the Playa Grande La Baulas National Park, a protected zone famous as a leatherback turtle nesting site. Construction on this side is highly restricted and the government has recently introduced stringent new height restriction laws for the Gold Coast with the result that owners of Tamarindo Property are ensured that the relaxed beach town they see today will keep its charm for generations.
Sometimes, moving to the tropics doesn’t necessarily mean that you end up living in the middle of the jungle. If jungle life isn’t for you, well, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dreams. There are plenty of alternatives. Tamarindo might be the best place for you to plant your roots.

This is an expats town with a truly multicultural background. It is a place where nature coexists with quality infrastructure and fun coexist with peace. As with many other tropical beach towns, Tamarindo is not an exception in that you can choose to live in the towns main hotspot or a more residential area but still enjoy a morning walk with coffee in hand to get to the crystalline sands of the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout the year, Tamarindo temperatures stay wonderfully consistent. The warmest month of the year, April, averages a high of 34 °C (93 °F), while the cooler months, September, October, and November, average highs of 29 °C (84 °F).

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